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oh crafty day

its one of those days, one of those days when you can stop smiling :D

well, the whole week had a lot of grate things actually! from something simple like hanging a swing on my bedroom ( my room is quite small but the swing is the kind of hammocks style, small and cozy) yey! it was a gift from my mother! i always wanted one of those :D

also im finally on the ceramic workshop on my school, of course im not going to do school projects only, i have several plans!  on the past terms they didnt opened a group. and finally this term there was one, and also even if we dont had a few classes at the beginning now everything grate!
today on the workshop... my! today! al my life i willed to work with "mud" clay, and finally i had it in my hands! i was making the model for one of the projects, i worked a lot using  another materials, it was really messy but when the professor offered me to work with this clay i was like "OMG!!" it was love at first sight.. well more less. he was working with it at first and  i was al eagger just thinking "stop talking and give it to meeeee" and finally when i had it... ahh the pleasure.
science i was a little girl i loved to sculpt on regular clay. the frustration of course was how impossible it was to presserve the figures. i tried everything... fro zing them, a coat of glue, little display cages. and nothing worked, they eventually ended as a smashed or deformed figures with a could-never-clean this coat of dust. then i didn't sculpted anything again for several years.  i tried with regular cly a couple years ago. but the result were the same, a too heavy mass that couldn't stand by itself. then i tried apoxyc clay, worked nice but still it wasn't enough. also found a paper clay, really nice and of a low weight. but it was so fragile. it worked for small figures. aslo once dry some water will do the trick. but still not enough. i always had in mind this  clay, but i never really tried to get it. each time i thought on it i felt like it was a material used only for professional artisans, that i didnt had anything to do with it. so i never tried it.

and today! today i got it!! and i loved it! i stayed like 5 hours in the workshop working, i was alone, i didn't eat anything, i was on an uncomfortable position and i was on a complete state of joy! the only reazon i stand up of that chair its because it was time to close and the technician to go home lol!. also i can say he was quite amazed that i almost finished the model and with really good result. i cant wait to get there on monday and keep working. oh God now i´m going to purchase like a ton of that clay and do like a thousand of projects. its such an amazing material! i cant wait to get more! ahhh.

also i been needle felting a lot more, and have a lot of grate and ambitious projects :D
i dont know how much those will take me but ill be working on them.
but i of course need to draw a bit more.
i have some abandoned illustrations i need to finish!

OMG! ideas and creativity are overflowing!! now i just need enough time to work on them :O

oh! and i been finding some childhood toys on ebay i couldn't resist, some i wanted so much when i was a child, a simba and nala plushie set. yeah im a The Lion King fan. ( i been searching for some sweet secrets and cutie club toys to but still nothing) oh yeah and i got a beautiful  family of kittens the other day (from Sylvanian familys) all for really low low prices :D.
yeah i still have some remains of toy collector but now im more into art supplies and good arts-crafts books

and ohh!!!
also i bought a book for my brother, i couldn't help myself reading it before giving it to him. (he has a good taste on books) it ended being a really good idea. i really liked it. and also learned a couple of things. hes reading it now. and he is enjoing it too ^_^.

exactly on a month ill be 26! yay!
a bit scary but also grate. most of it because this late year i feel im turning more and more into the good side of arts and crafts, and also developing my skills a lot more. and other stuff that is important too. so im quite happy :)
and of course! my brother likes to give me surprises once in a while, and today i found my room with colorful streamers all around a pretty card and gifts!!! :D
most of all food that he knows i like and we cant buy to often, like Oreo cookies and a big box of chocolate cereal and marshmallows (hahaha i like that word, as odd and colorful as marshmallows themselves hehehe). potato chips, peanut butter that im eating right now, juice odd flavored, even more cookies, and!! (and this is a big AND!) ... the other day i saw this amazingly creative doll houses made with foam, all fruit shaped with mini furniture and all that you assemble. they were so original, simple made and with really pretty colors. he didnt buy me one, he bought me 3!! the 3 different ones there were  OMG!!!! a pineapple, and apple and a pear ( yeeeey!) i already assembled the pineapple. its isnt that big but im still wondering where am i supposed to place those XD,  im sure making miniature needle felted fellas for the houses, foxes, bunnys, elefants and what not, hey! maybe a caterpillar family!!  :D

isn't my brother grate?? :3
im going to post photos of those little houses as soon as i find a place for them :P

ahhh happy day for me.
also i been requested with several custom commissions, some for friends, some for etsy people. and some are need lefelted! that measn a lot to me. i do really love that technique, im seriously sticked to it.
ahh! and been asked for a couple of illustrations too!. i need to finish all those asap. i dont like to leave my costumers and friends wait too long.

 i leave you with this youtube channel. its really good!

and i just love this comic page
(who does that little green pony reminds me of? hehehe)

write again soon.
may you have some grate days filled with surprises too :D

and tons of crafty ideas of course :)


With lots of plans


ah! "Vacations", good time to try to finish as much as you can.
well right now the plan is to make an update on my Etsy Store at the end of the month.  but sometimes i wonder if im going to be able to do it on that date, maybe ill be doing two updates.
i been crafting some nice stuff but i feel its not enough, and i haven't been able to finish some works for just a simple reason, like i told to my friend "im making this little guys but i get distracted crafting this other guys and then i get distracted of those guys with this other here" yay! of course the problem is that some of those maybe wont end on the store like my Needle felted fox and mouse (who are already finished and jumping around).

of course ill be doing more to place them on my Etsy, but sometimes it takes me some will to duplicate a figure, because my creativity prefers to create something different and new. thats kind of good but also can be quite messy.    anyway i need one as reference, the last time i sold the original of a piece the next ones ended biger and quiet different.

right now im focused on working on my crafts and not in illustrations, why? because my computer isnt helping, almost all my coloring is done in Photoshop, and lately has various malfunctions that mess all my work. maybe later i should began using tradition media again, even if it consumes more time. 

also,  im clearing spaces on my room and else so i can be more organized, and i have a happy find with this:

i´m so pleased with it! i wanted something like this for a while to place some of my WIP. but they were always kind of expensive and now i have this beauty that cost me nothing! why? because  a neighbor was throwing due to it and i took it and restore it

well, now lets keep working :)    " Time waits for no one "

arrrr pirrates!


well, they don´t look too much like pirates... maybe one day

i know ill end making a pirate hat for that squid... a pink pirate... not even a my little pony pirate will be pink! it so good that the squid doesn't knows that.

the beautifully idea and design of the boat belongs to Ann Wood, one of my favorite artists and crafter so far. even if i try i could not be able to describe how amazing and beautiful her works are to me. she works with cardboard, wires, and vintage and abused materials, specially fabric.

"There is a kind of affection and tenderness in the re-use and re-purposing of things that were once personal and perhaps treasured possessions" she says.

and you can really see all that affection and tenderness on each one of her works, de beautiful details,  the color schemes, the shapes, the textures, everything is so full of feelings! it gives you a warm feeling that place a smile over your face.

"lost or abandoned things discovered and rescued; the idea of haunted and enchanted places, things and creatures; the setting of a tiny stage."

ah!,  the feeling of discover and rescue, to give a new life to things that once were wasted, to see them "smile" again. thats just too beautiful.  Ann Wood uses this vintage clothing to create a lot of amazing things, like her owls, thy are so beautiful and creepy, each detail gives live to her creations, and you can see it through their eyes.

she also knows how to take photos, sometimes just by looking at them you feel inspired and with the will of creating, even her department, makes me feel that if you walk in there you will know how inspiration smells.

so shes one of my art inspirations and aspirations, theres a lot of things that can be said but it will be better if you go and  check more of her amazing works at her Blog that updates really often.  im sure you will enjoy it!.

so with time ill be posting more artist with their amazing works.

see you for now.  i leave you with a weird whimsical song that makes me feel like a kinder garden cartoon (my childhood cartoons used to sound like this, and i dont know what the japan dialog says at the beginning)

things to do, things to come

i always wonder how to began a journal post...

ah well. finally, after almost a gear of feeling lame, frustrated and else i been better and having a lot of ideas and will to work again.
its been almost a year when a lot of frustration came into my life, specially due to school. i wont go into details, im just going to say that finally after talking with one of the professors y respect the most (because he really cares about helping his students to really reach their goals and not only to kind of carry out the program.) i took the decision, im going to really get focused on what i love to do, my art!. i mean, im not going to drop school, but now it isn't on my top priority, i have other plans and goals i want to achieve, and God! im really going to try as much as i can to make this work. one way or another i must find a way. theres a lot of work to do from this point to the future and im going to do it!
and i feel i been learning a lot so far.

so, while getting organized im still working with artwork commissions and custom orders. and when i need a break i work in my own little projects. when i discover the needle felting technique i immediately fell in love with it. now i just can take it out of my head!!its awesome! i have a lot of ideas wight now and i keep making more and more little guys with this technique, here a quick glance to works in progress, some are already finished but i need to edit the photos. (im seriously thinking on reserve a day to take and edit)

see you soon!

Owls are getting everywhere!


by *Piquipauparro on deviantART

its been exactly a years science i first show my illustration "owl" on Deviantart. science then it has been seen 6,536 times and faved 507 and got lots of beautiful comments!!
it has been featured in several places, and something that amazed me and show me that people do really like it that much is that the nice yariberrymuffin (on Deviantart) just show me she got a Tattoo of one of the owls!

wow! thats such a thing! somebody getting a tattoo of one of your characters, sure they really like it! its a tattoo it will stay with you forever! that make my day!
thanks girl for showing it to me!

so then i i found threadless, a place where you can submit your design, and if you got a good score with votes and comments then it will be printed as a t-shirt!! can you imagine people purchasing a t-shirt because its design? your design? well im not sure how to express it. but it its something really significant to me. its not only people saying they like it, but that they will pay for it because its worth the money! a lot of people? that sure helps my artist self-esteem.

so now and for the next 5 days it will be placed for scoring, so far it seem its gettin some good one, but i have seen the ones that get printed have more than 300/400 rates.
here i leave you the link if you would like to give your vote and comment, its really easy and wont take too long to do so.,piquipauparro

owl - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

thanks to all so far for your support!
ill keep you updated with more news!


take a look!
few days ago o got a message from Brooke (who runs cutehandmade) wondering if i would like to be featured on his new website.
ind i loved the idea! and now i can use this pretty button ^^

some of my items there will be soon on my etsy. ill be taking some more pics of them and making some more, specially the horses as they come in pairs

in other news my web is still under construction, i placed some "kittens on the mail" for sale on my Etsy and ill try to add more photos on my flickr.
.little kittys on the mail now in Etsy

time waits for no one

sometimes i just can focus on what is supposed i should be doing.
to many ideas and things on my head that doesn´t seem to want to take a turn to came out :S and sure! that leads to frustration, which leads to some stress which leads to getting sick... and i been sick.
ofcourse the are not only crafts keeping me busy. my school isnt helping. also a sick pet and else.
anyway. just this days i finally had some time for me and im fnished with some medicines. and im advertising how time keeps running without me (i still can figure out im 25! and its almost december again!)
and i just realized something else.
my little dragon the youngest of my creatures seem isnt that younger anymore! there are wings growing on his back!!

id never imagine he was going to have wings!
and seems more interested in vocalization. he keeps growling and growling to anything that moves. here i dont know whats he grwoling at. those *grwwrrrl* and *krawwr* sound really cute. :3

also! theres a tree growing in my desk!
how did that hapend? i dont know... i wonder how big it will grow

Now here we go, some organization

and now liveJournal recently im adding to many social networks to my schedule... what am i thinking!?... im thnking on becoming more kind of social i think LOL!. also to have my stuff, crafts and photos more organized. all this of course related to all my arts and crafts crazynes, to get  more jobs, requests, commissions and nice friends. so people could maybe find me a
easily and know whats going on o this "Piquipauparro" thing.  so first... what is "Piquipauparro creations"? well these " from what comes from the espontaneous and inspiration" (the frace is originally in spanish and its a bit hard to translate). a way to spread my art and else arround, to make people smile, and to show something differnet from the usuall stuff that can be found arround and some other things. im working as a freelance, so if your interested in my style you can always ask for comissions. here in México this is kinda dificult. there is just a few people that support this kind of art. its sucha messy thing. and thats actaully one of the main reazons of why im gonna be writing eberything on englihs. theres more people interested on my art on other countrys thatn here in México (or at least most of the people that is asking me requests and else.
so as i need to come with so many things if i want to live from the art im creating i need to get more organization, to make it easy for me as for you finding what you want to see, photos, details, info, etc.  so here i post some details of how all this networking thing will be and how im gonna manage it.

i normaly use 3 different "official" nicknames with the ones you can find me arround, these are "Piquipauparro", "iquipau" and "Chikapaw"
the way i use them is related on what i post with in them  "Piquipauparro" used in webpages where finished works and proyects are displayed. you can find the final results of my works there. "iquipau" an abrevation for webpages and used as name on forums where i normally go, related with thing i like: art, collectors and custom dolls things. "Chikapaw" im the Chikapaw! Chikapaw pum crash! more like randomness i do and things about my life, like rants and some info about works on progress, and other maybe not art related things.  i also say all this to myself to rember it =P.

and the places you can find me:

For finished works (Piquipauparro accounts)
  • Deviant art my deviant account as "Piquipauparro" here i post my finished artworks, anrts and crafts. here theyr placed with theyr title, description, details, complementary text that goes with the work, and part of my personal thoughts about it. my Journal there is not updated to offen unless is something kinda important. (English)
  • Etsy shop the place to buy and sell hand made, some of my original works (non requesta dn comissions) will be placed here, some series, and one of a kind items will be listed here. maybe at deviant and other blogs i let you know when somethng new its added (English)  
  • Official site going to be the main and own page, works and contact info will be placed here, still under construction, maybe ill change the domain later, not sure about that (english, spanish)
 blogs n Social Networks (iquipau accounts)
  • Myspace more like a "window" with links to my other places. dont update too offen, nsometimes ill only add some finished works to the gallerys and go online when somebody leaves me a message. or to give an important notice. just the basics.(spanish)
  • Blog "a brake for inspiration" blog find as "iquipau" blogspot, here i place some of the works i like most, random stuff that i like and recomend that maybe can inspire you too, music, movies, series, collector stuff, interesting facts, random videos on you tube, featured artists, usefull and interesting places on the web. previous (Spanish with "translate" optio
       a bit more random, (Chikapaw accounts)
  • Flickr posting some artworks here with not the full description BUT, ill be posting tons of photos here, when i make a craft i only post one picture on my other accounts, but here im gonna place lots of them from different sides, and poses, specially with my posable figures, "photo stripes" and else, and else. (English)
  • Live Journal Ah! its here! Lol! my own life weirdo things, maybe rants, personal thougts and some stuff i need to spit out, and maybe some info like this. also works in progress and how am i going on my art life. maybe youll find here something iv already post somwhere else but with more personal point of view. (English)
  • Sketch blog another blogspot, here ill post some good doodles, scraps, or finished works that i didnt like at all and a bit description of them. to me it was always interesting and helpfull to see sketches and doodles from the artist i admire. the ones ill post here are the ones id like most but not as for making a full detailed artwork. (English)  

maybe with time  ill reduce the ammount of em, not sure. theyr so much o.O.  the  ones of the bottom will be more offen updated, and as they go up the less activity .  ok, this is gonna be really interesting specially cus im the kind of cut-off person that dont like to talk too much of itself, or show people whats going on on my life. ofcourse im not gonna post some personal issues!.

also here i leave you another pair of links to some other stuff im in.

  • mlp Deviant account as im involved on the mlp collectors world i made this account, now i only  use it to post commissions i do for other collectors where they can download them. i create my other account when i began working on developing my own style characters and else. 
  •  Pony Guru drowning into problems? feeling life isnt worthy enough? meet the pony guru! Behold her awsomness and absurd answers that may not solve your problems but may make you laugh of em!!. aslo she has hwe own problems with her friki and wiedo partner. *cof* *cof* a proyect im working with diana_arcuri about the nonsnense and crazynes, a parody of our own lifes jaja

ok! now lets get to works cus there are tons of photos, pitures and things waiting to be deited finished and publishes ^^`have a nice not to frizzing day!

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